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Tencent Blade Team Invited To CanSecWest

In March 2018, Tencent Blade Team was invited to CanSecWest, a top international security conference, at which team members unveiled for the first time research methods and tools for mainstream cell phone basebands.

Tencent blade team attends Hack in the Box Conference

In April 2018, Tencent Blade Team attends HITB conference, where team members presented a systematic study of the attack and defense of ZigBee and KNX, two communication protocols most widely used. They conducted live demonstrations as well.

Remote Attack of Intelligent Buildings

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Tencent Blade Team was founded by Tencent Security Platform Department, focusing in security researches of AI, mobile Internet, IoT, wireless and other cutting-edge technologies. So far, Tencent Blade Team has reported more than 70 security vulnerabilities to a large number of international manufacturers, including Google and Apple. In the future, Tencent Blade Team will continue to make the Internet a safer place for everyone.